International Web Conference - 2023

Future of Higher Education in the Context of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 4): A Global Perspective


Looking to the present scenario, quality and excellence in Higher Education is the need of time. In the context of Sustainable Development Goals SDG 4 the global pedagogy of modern education system needs transformation. Higher Education for Sustainable Development (HESD) must ensure that students are equipped with a mindset and key competencies for sustainability, which when combined with their factual knowledge base, make them ready to take action to ensure a sustainable future for society. Building an Education for Sustainable Development Goals, the Higher Education Institutions should strongly promote a set of key competencies towards HESD.

Quality education being the need of time globally may be the means to open for more interdisciplinary interactions and for more problem-oriented and action-based teaching, where students attain skills and relevant knowledge.

To address the above key aspects, the Institute is organizing an International Web Conference on ‘Future of Higher Education in the Context of SDG 4: A Global Perspective’ to discuss various related issues and concern.

Through this platorm, galaxy of intellectuals from corporate and academia together will share their experiences and expertise and contribute towards the solutions for achieving SDG 4 leading to attain objective of quality of inclusive education.


The objective of this conference is to build a network and enhance collaboration by providing an ideal platorm for industry and academia and get expert views from policy makers, educationists, practitioners, researchers, industry planners to throw light on the new perspective for future of higher education in the context of SDG 4 globally. The main objectives of the conference are:

  • To develop new insights for imparting quality education this may lead to excellence of knowledge and skills in the students globally.
  • To study the emerging global trends in Higher Education adhering to quality agenda by countries all over the world and how it can be better implemented in India.
  • To discuss the challenges & issues in Future of Higher Education in the context of SDG 4 from the viewpoints of various stakeholders.
  • To seek improvement in present scenario and processes for achieving SDG4.
Outcomes The expected outcomes include:
  • The conference will provide a platform to all the stakeholders to strategize to move with the pace of national & global requisites with quality and excellence.
  • It will help to contribute through study by researchers and qualitative discussion to overcome the challenges and issues of higher education in the context of SDG 4 through global perspective.
  • The barriers to skill development and technical and vocational education and training may be enlisted.
  • Insight towards significant role of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in achieving the SDG 4 , so that HEIs will act as driver for the achievement of these goals, through their role in knowledge dissemination and innovation, from the viewpoint of quality education.
  • The New Education Policy proposes the revision and revamping of all aspects of the education structure, including its regulation and governance, to create a new system that is aligned with the as pirational goals of 21 st century education, including SDG 4, while building upon India’s traditions and value systems.
  • The initiative for research and discussion by industry and academia on future of SDG 4 will add to the prospects of quality education and provide greater dimensions to higher education globally. The international conference on ‘Future of Higher Education in the Context of SDG 4: A Global Perspective’ will provide a strong background to the stakeholders. SDG 4 promotes a utilitarian and/or transformative approach to education, and indicates the implications of such approaches on achieving sustainable development. The Conference will be an effort to analyse how to achieve SDG 4 by Higher Education so as to comply at par with requisite competencies for global educational scenario.